Facebook Removed A Former Employee’s Post Accusing It Of ‘Failing’ Black People

Facebook Removed A Former Employee’s Post Accusing It Of ‘Failing’ Black People

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What in the Heck? Black Man

I’ve been speaking with a lot of women in their late forties to fifties and I’m hearing the most truth.

Men our age have resorted back to the games and nonsense played in their twenties, with the exception of one non-working asset. If you know what I mean.

Sitting around as if they don’t get it. Speaking nonsense such as; were just friends right now, We’re just talking, we’re not dating or in a relationship yet. Guys your outlook on women and relationships is sad.

Here’s what I’ve experienced since I’ve been dating (I need to add that I am very selective in the men I date, wisdom, intellect and well spoken with confidence are the qualities which I am drawn).


Man sees woman, woman sees man and there’s a physical attraction. Man approaches woman, they exchange phone numbers, they talk/text he asks her on a date. Man and woman goes on a date. Man and woman likes the conversation, the attraction is there. They want to see more of each other to see if they are compatible………….

This is where the confusion and nonsense begin.

Man and woman talk and text almost daily, getting to know each other.

Here’s the Woman’s mindset:

I’ll relax and see where this goes. Woman’s attention is on seeing if this person is a match. If she’s anything like me she slows down on seeing and talking to other men. Not that she’s taking herself off the market. But she likes this guy and want to get to know him. Plus she just doesn’t want to spread herself to thinly.


Man’s mindset: He makes this point clear from the beginning. “We’re just chilling, getting to know each other” he’s got an exit strategy already in mind. One foot in the door before you get to know each other.

(Just a reminder: What women are hearing in plain English “we’re getting to know each other”).

But men define getting to know each other as: I really like you and I wanna get to know you. I’m sexually attracted to you. But in the process, I also want to meet and talk to other women, get to know them, have sex with them and take them on dates while I’m getting to know you.

So let’s play Scrabble “put all of you in a bag and shake.

But here’s the catch, the part that throws me completely off my rocker…..

Woman says okay I understand “we are just chilling, getting to know each other” so woman goes on dates with other guys also. If she chooses, have sex with other guys. She doesn’t know where Man is going with this so she continues on her journey until he makes up his mind.

Guess what happens?

Man says to woman; you’re crazy, you’re playing games. She’s labeled as a whore. He stops talking to her.

He’s unhappy with how she is “just chilling, “just friends” and “just getting to know him.”

I am so over that nonsense. No wonder there are so many beautiful Black Women who have made the choice to stop dating. Choosing to enjoy life single or have made the choice to date older men who have not lost the knowledge of how to be a gentleman. I’m finding that single men in their sixties who are still living an active life, are the way to go. They still have a chivalrous edge. The respect is different, they even flirt with a little more respect.

Fellas, get your stuff together because the Good Women who truly do know how to treat a man are tired and are also looking for an exit strategy. As much as I love and respect Black men. I just cannot play these games. I’m in the prime of my life. I’ve raised my children. I have my own money. All I ask of you is your truth. Be real, no games.

No Title; Just Words of Love

To love there has to be more than oneself.

We think that if we love ourselves enough.

No pain or harm will enter us.

Therefore we question the love of others due to the pain that it may bring.

If that love doesn’t come perfectly, the way that we perceive.

Then it couldn’t possibly be the love that we want or for that matter need.

Focusing only on the love from oneself to appease the soul.

But to accomplish that goal, we must shut away ourselves so that others love cannot reach us.

So we lock ourselves up, locked away, inside of only self love.

That’s all we want, all we need,

The love of oneself and to feel the love of God.

But to love others, is loving God.

There are degrees and variations of love.

The love between a man and woman is probably the most questionable of love.

I reckon due to brokenness and mistrust.

But sometimes great things stand before us.

Yet we allow pride and indecision to stand in the midst.

Tugging back and forth no one will win. There’s only losers when love is at battle.

For it is not Gods desire that love be a fight.

But you must allow yourself to enter the ring.

A broken heart will eventually mend.

but to never give of your heart because of fear.

Is truly sad, for it is such a joy to give love to another.