“Our Sisterhood”

Our Sisterhood was started because I wanted to do something to encourage African American women to stand together and Inspire, Uplift, and Empower each other. I believe that we need platforms, we need opportunities. Oh how much we need each other. I wanted to show our true sisterhood. To show that we do and can support each other. So, I decided it was time that I created a platform. For myself and my sisters which evolved into “Our Sisterhood”. What better place to start than here is my hometown Flint, Michigan.

My story

I was blessed at a young age, with the gifts of insecurities, self doubt and lack of self love. Because God knew that one day those gifts will evolve into greater works. Through those gifts is my passion for writing and I choose to give my words to other women and girls who may share my story.

I choose to give freely and as honestly to black women because we seem to be so misunderstood and even more so by each other. I believe that it’s time to start looking at each other and reading before we make judgments and decisions of our sisters. It is only then can we support, empower and uplift each other.

I don’t believe that you need a great platform to be of encouragement to another. Sometimes the simplest words is all that is needed as long as it’s truly genuine and from the heart. So, that’s all I give and all I want to give.

So many black women just as me have a story that will never be told because of pride, fear and pain of rejection or humiliation. Unfortunately, this is also the plight of the black woman. The way we carry our hurt and pain gets misconstrued.

We’ve been taught that you don’t let it show, you keep walking with your head held high and when possible you fight back with you words. But I laugh, because black women we have fire and passion so deep, that to seriously unleash it can be detrimental. That’s why we are given the labels “Angry” or “ Hard-hearted” but truly it is passion.

So my goal is to push for us to remove those barriers in our current and past lives by letting go of hurt and pain so that we can effectively convey ourselves and stand together to speak for the safety and rights of our children and our community.

My sister’s let our journey begin………